Comments of experts

February 2012
A group of experts and scientists has composed analytical materials with the grounds for the necessity to introduce feed-in tariffs for electricity generated from biogas, says the president of Kyiv international energy club Q-club and a member of the Ukrainian Oil and Gas Academy, Oleksandr Todiychuk.
January 2012
Today, Ukraine does not have any possibility to supply gas from Norway. An independent expert on energy issues Volodymyr Saprykin shared this opinion with UNN.
January 2012
It is possible for Ukraine to receive up to 1 billion cubic meters of gas from Europe, including Norway, without a transformation of the whole Ukrainian gas transport system in a reverse way. If we are talking about big amounts - it is necessary to build the pipeline. This point of view was delivered by a leading expert of energy programs of Razumkov Center - Sergiy Dyachenko.
January 2012
The Ukrainian gas transport system could be assessed at about USD 30 billion, an independent expert, former spokesman for Naftogaz of Ukraine Valentyn Zemliansky, has said.
November 2011
Gasoline and diesel fuel prices in Ukraine are simply too high, they provide 30% extra income for traders, however, drivers have to switch over to gas oftener, setting up dangerous engines that use natural gas.

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