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Support projects in the educational, cultural, economic, environmental and social spheres, which will contribute to the emergence of new Ukrainian elite.
A consulting and engineering company established in January 1998. At present it is the leading commercial Ukrainian company in the field of energy production from biomass (wood, straw, manure, municipal solid waste and other organic waste), development of JI projects under Kyoto Protocol, energy efficiency, energy audits, design of energy facilities.
Consulting company in Ukraine that provides Western companies with the market access in Eastern Europe.
The central executive body that provides implementation of state policy in the field of efficient use of energy resources, energy efficiency, renewable energy sources and alternative fuels.
German left-liberal political foundation that is affiliated with Alliance '90/The Greens, a part of the European Green movement. The foundation has an independent judicial status and is a non-profit organization. Main activities of the Foundation in Ukraine are: supporting democracy and political education of society, strengthening involvement of civil society in political progresses, improvement of international understanding. Basic values for the organization are environmental protection, democracy, social equality and solidarity. The foundation reaches its objectives through debates, conferences, seminars, round tables, debates, etc.
«Environmental Safety» is a modern practical edition, which will be your indispensable assistant and a handbook where you can find answers to any questions, useful practical advices and recommendations!