Kiev international energy club Q-club

The main task of Kiev international energy club Q-club, according to its charter, is support of interaction of the State power, mass-media, participants of the energy market, businessmen in research affairs, popularization and introduction of world "energy" experience at national level and in regions.

Analytical reports, strategic concepts are publicly discussed and changes in "energy" legislation which promote strengthening of energy safety of the country are considered at club sessions.

Consideration and discussion of "energy" transboundary projects and forecasting of prospects of participation in them of Ukraine, take the substantial place in club work.

The charter of Q-club obliges to direct offers which have passed all-round public discussion, to authorities for assistance to their subsequent statement for a long term.

Q-club will try to be useful to mass-media, informing the public concerning last tendencies in the world, inter-regional and national energy markets, and providing the Ukrainian and foreign journalists with the corresponding information concerning new tendencies of FEC.