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Renewable Energy Investments Set New Record, Twice That of Coal and Gas

Global investment in renewable energy was more than twice that of coal and gas last year, according to a new report, despite plummeting fossil fuel prices. Renewable energy investment totaled a record $286...


Russian Gas Transit Across Ukraine Post — 2019

The paper discusses the ways in which Russian gas is likely to be transported to Europe, and in particular the role of Ukraine in transit, after 2019. Download — Russian-Gas-Transit-Across-Ukraine-Post-2019-NG-105

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Energy Ukraine and Russia. Gas: to ally or to back out?

For the moment, Ukraine-Russia gas supply issue is the matter of concern not only for household consumers, yet for the Ukrainian Government and President’s Office officials. The matter of fact is do we...

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Activity report of Kyiv International Energy Club for the year 2015

Dear colleagues and friends, we are glad to represent you anActivity report of Kyiv International Energy Club for the year 2015. Thank you for nice job in 2015 and we hope for fruitful...

Pump jacks pump oil at an oil field Buzovyazovskoye owned by Bashneft company north from Ufa, Bashkortostan, Russia, July 11. About 40 percent of Russia's state budget consists of revenues from crude oil export tariffs, and the private income generated from oil exploration, drilling and transport is vital to the functioning of Russia's economy. A U.S. and EU oil embargo would cripple Russia overnight, the author writes. SERGEI KARPUKHIN/REUTERS

How The West Should Respond to Putin’s Continuing Advance

How would the West react to a major escalation of the war in eastern Ukraine? What would Brussels and Washington do if Russia continues to send troops there? Even though analysts often suggest...


Given the Current Situation with Russia, Why Does Germany Want to Extend Nord Stream Gas Pipeline?

Michaił Krutikhin | Energy Expert; Partner with consulting agency RusEnergy It is not Germany but Russian President Vladimir Putin who wants extra branches of the Nord Stream pipeline. German companies and Shell signed...


Hiding in Plain Sight: Putin's War in Ukraine

BY MAKSYMILIAN CZUPERSKI, JOHN HERBST, ELIOT HIGGINS, ALINA POLYAKOVA, AND DAMON WILSON Russia is at war with Ukraine. Russian citizens and soldiers are fighting and dying in a war of their government's own...


European neighnourhood policy review:expectations of Ukraine

Development of proposals of Ukrainian independent experts to review the European Neighbourhood Policy and the Eastern Partnership was initiated and coordinated by the European programme initiative of the International Renaissance Foundation in close...

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Berlusconi and the South Stream

Former Italian PM and his political allies argue that Putin is the best ally of Europe in order to oppose a Muslim invasion of EU member states. By switching the focus of international...

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Gas Subtexts of Crimea Crisis

It was noted in analysis «Bloody Stream to Europe» as of 24 January 2014 that the destabilization in Ukraine has not only internal reasons, but also external stimulation, as well as a serious...