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Can Ukraine Get Off The Gas Needle Till 2020?

The raise of domestic gas production, increase of the reverse fuel supplies from Europe and the implementation of energy saving measures — these steps, according to experts, will completely free Ukraine from Russian gas imports by 2020. Some experts believe that this is possible even in the next year in a case of the reverse supply corridor through Slovakia.

In 7 years Ukraine can completely abandon the Russian gas and replace it with alternative supplies. This is an opinion of the Minister of Energy and Mines Edward Stavytskyi. According to his words, in 2014 Kyiv can import up to 5 billion cubic meters of reverse gas from Germany. Ukrainian government also expects to buy 5 billion liquefied natural gas supplied by tankers across the Black Sea. Moreover, according to the minister Stavytskyi, energy dependence on Russia can be decreased by raising production of domestic gas: field development on the Black Sea shelf and shale gas in Kharkiv and Western Ukraine.

Prospect of domestic production

If all these projects will be realized, Ukraine will increase domestic gas production to 30 billion cubic meters, says the president of the Kyiv International Energy Club Oleksandr Todiichuk.

«This have to include all kinds of gas — said Todiichuk. – This is also a traditional gas, the beginning of production of sandstones gas, and the shale gas. But industrial, large production can be expected in 7-10 years. There is also a methane gas from coal seams. Currently, one American company has bought partially this business in Donetsk. 4 to 6 billion cubic meters of methane gas can be extracted, which is virtually a substitute for natural gas».

The political will to be

However, stresses Todiichuk the most important resource is energy saving as today an actual saving is twice cheaper than increasing production. As an energy efficiency example expert brings Poland, which consumes annually about 14 billion cubic meters of gas, while Ukraine — 45. Thus the GDP in Poland is more than twice higher than in Ukraine.

Thus, according to the experts, theoretically Ukraine can stop Russian gas import and get rid of energy dependence in 7 years. This requires a political will of the Ukrainian authorities.

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