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Ukraine will start pumping gas from Romania and Slovakia soon

Increase of national gas production remains the main priority

Ukraine plans to begin reverse gas shipments from Romania and Slovakia, Ukrainian Energy and Coal Industry Minister Eduard Stavitsky said.

“The government is actively working on diversification of gas import sources. And we are already carrying on reverse supplies of gas from Poland and Hungary. We will soon open up two more supply routes – from Romania and Slovakia”, he said.

But increase of national gas production remains the main priority, the minister noted. He reminded that 40 years ago Ukraine used to produce over 70 bln. cubic meters of gas, and now – three times less.

“After one hundred years of intense gas production in Ukraine, gas reserves from conventional sources have considerably petered out. Thus, our main perspective includes unconventional gas sources, particularly, those of shale gas, as well as Black sea shelf resources”, Stavitsky said.

“The task for Ukrainian government is to sharply increase national gas production and set up shale gas exploration projects in Ukraine through attracting multi-billion investments in producing gas from unconventional sources”, Stavitsky stressed.

Source: «epravda.com.ua»