Guarantee of the energy security

Energy security is an integral part of economic and national security, an essential condition for a country's existence and development. The present day concept of energy security suggests achieving the status when the economy and social sector of the state have a reliable, stable, economically efficient and environmentally safe supply of energy resources, and creating conditions for formulation and implementation of policy protecting national interests in the energy sector.

Main objectives with regard to ensuring Ukraine's energy security are:

  • reliable supply of energy resources to meet the needs of national economy and the population to the objectively necessary extent;
  • reliable and efficient operation and development of sectors and companies of the Fuel-and-Energy Complex;
  • ensuring, at the state level, the social orientation of energy policy as regards energy supply to the population and FEC workers;
  • abating detrimental impact of FEC facilities operations on the environment and the population in accordance with internal and international requirements.

The main principles of energy security players in the energy sector are:

  • priority of the human rights and rule of law;
  • balance of interests of the person, society, national economy and state, their mutual responsibility and the adequacy of protection of their interests to actual and potential threats in the energy sector;
  • priority of domestic values in the energy subsectors and related sectors.

The issue of energy facilities ownership is important for the country's energy security. Nuclear power plants, hydropower plants, underground gas storage facilities, backbone and interstate power lines, oil and gas pipelines and pipeline dispatch controls shall remain in the state ownership.

Energy sector management and regulation should be improved based on clear sharing of functions of executive authorities, which is supposed to create proper conditions and rules for FEC facilities operation, fair competition should be introduced at energy markets and, on this basis, balance the interests of the state, energy companies and consumers of energy resources.