The current level of Ukraine's energy security

The current level of Ukraine's energy security is not satisfactory by many constituents. The main reasons are following:

  • excessive consumption of energy products in economic and social sectors;
  • a significant share of import in the energy consumption pattern, with prevailing imports of natural gas, nuclear fuel and oil from one country;
  • irrational structure of fuel and energy balance of the country;
  • degraded efficiency of energy production and transportation;
  • high level of detrimental impact by energy facilities on the environment.

The main goals of Ukrainian energy policy in terms of energy security are:

  • to enhance reliability and effectiveness of energy supply, ensure effective and sustainable development of the Fuel-and-Energy Complex;
  • to decrease the level of energy dependence of the country by increasing production and consumption of domestic energy resources, diversification of external and internal sources of energy supply, and maximum utilization of energy saving potential;
  • to enhance protection of population from technogenic emergency situations;
  • to enhance safety, durability and survivability of energy facilities with a view to preventing environmental disasters and abateing technogenic impact of energy facilities on the environment;
  • to ensure Ukraine's entry into European and world energy markets;
  • to improve and develop a support system for general securing and development of the FEC subsectors (regulatory and legal framework, scientific, technical and informational support, etc.)