Q Club

Does Ukraine Need a Feed-in Tariff for Biogas?

On 31 January 2012 in the small hall of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine (55, Volodymyrska Str., Kyiv) a common open meeting of Kiev International Energy Club “Q-club” and Scientific Engineering Centre “Biomass” was held. The meeting is devoted to discussion: «Does Ukraine need a feed-in tariff for biogas?».

Oleksander Todiychuk – the president of the NGO “Q-club” and Georgiy Geletukha – the director of the SEC “Biomass” have opened the event, that aims on detecting of prospects of biogas production and usage.

The meeting involved key participants from government and NGOs, officials from parliament, and also foreign and diplomatic services, embassies, members of biogas projects that are implemented in Ukraine.

As a result of the meeting, we plan to prepare an analytical document for the Administration of the President of Ukraine, Verkhovna Rada, the related ministries and agencies of the Government of Ukraine, which will facilitate a constructive issues solving on the usage of biogas.

To find alternatives is extremely important and urgent issue that was repeatedly raised at the highest levels, including the last meeting of the National Security and Defense Council on the question of energy security of Ukraine. In October 2011, the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine adopted the Law of Ukraine “On Amendments to Article 17-1 of the Law of Ukraine” “On Electricity” (concerning the improvement of the system of tariffs setting on biogas produced electricity)”, that established a green tariff to purchase the electricity produced from biogas. Unfortunately, this normative act was vetoed by the President of Ukraine in November of that year, which caused a lively discussion in professional circles.

Ukraine has a strong agricultural sector, which generates significant amounts of organic waste that in the case of processing could produce 4,3 billion m³ biogas/year. With a further development of agricultural biogas the production potential can grow to 8 billion m³ of natural gas/year that is essential for Ukraine to solve gas problems.

Besides, the usage of biogas technology solves the major environmental problems of organic waste utilization from agriculture, exploitation of solid waste landfills, treatment of sewage from public utilities and industry. This becomes particularly important in a case of partial replacement of the natural gas with coal, which will cause an additional pollution of the environment.

Today, the biogas in many countries of the European Union and the world is an essential component of energy balance policy. In 2009, the EU has produced the amount of biogas equivalent to 10.3 billion of m³ of natural gas/year. Today, only in Germany, there are more than 6 thousands biogas plants.