Q Club

A Guest Session of the Q-Club at the UEF-12

Kyiv International Energy Club “Q-club” is invited to host a roundtable debate on Alternative to Russian Gas Energy Sources as a Part of Ukraine's Energy Security.

The event will take place on February 28, 2012 at 14:30 pm in the frameworks of the Ukrainian Energy Forum 2012.

The “Q-club” founders – President Oleksandr Todiychuk and Vice President Burzu Aliyev will host a lively panel discussion within the framework of the forum and joined by key members of its speaker faculty.

During a roundtable debate following topics will be discussed:

  • Home production of hydrocarbons
  • Ukrainian unconventional gas reserves
  • Ukrainian perspectives of renewable energy sector
  • Stimulation of investments to the Ukrainian alternative energy sector
  • Energy consumption culture – current norms and standards

We would like to thank to the Adam Smith Conferences for providing an urgent forum on the energy sphere.For more information about the Ukrainian Energy Forum 2012, a list of participants and other, please follow the .