Q Club

«Q-Club» has celebrated its fifth anniversary!

On December 11, 2012 Kyiv International Energy Club «Q-Club» celebrated its fifth anniversary. The highly professional and representative conference «U.S.A. – Ukraine: IV energy dialogue»* and the «Q-Club» guest-night with the exquisite concert of the most popular Kyiv orchestra New Era Orchestra embodied both positive discussion and informal communication.

«Q-Club» acted as a partner of the Center for US-Ukrainian Relations organizing the international conference «U.S.A – Ukraine: IV Energy Dialogue. Sustainable energy future of Ukraine till 2030». Ukrainian officials, international energy companies, Ukrainian and international expert organizations representatives, ambassadors and representatives of Hungary, USA, Canada, Slovakia and the UK embassies discussed during the conference such issues as Ukraine's energy strategy, the effective use of traditional energy sources, alternative energy, energy transit potential of Ukraine.

Particular attention was paid to Ukraine’s energy security, optimal energy mix, adaptation of international experience, international cooperation, e.g. with USA, as the reasons for energy reforms. «Q-Club» always aims not only to analyze the current situation in the Ukrainian energy sector, but also to facilitate the implementation of the necessary transformations that can provide energy independence of Ukraine and the energy efficiency of its economy, as well as rapid and complete Ukraine’s involvement in the European energy space.

«There is a complicated situation in Ukrainian energy sector. Therefore functioning of such independent, responsible organization as «Q-Club» is very important. «Q-Club» highlights latest issues and intends to influence the most acute problems solving. So I wish colleagues to continue to develop and work for Ukraine’s benefit», noted Walter Zaryckyj, Center for US-Ukrainian Relations director, one of the «Q-Club» founders.

Oleksandr Todiichuk, «Q-Club» President, said: «Five years of fruitful work is a great achievement for NGO in difficult Ukrainian conditions. We joined together first-class professionals from seven countries and we hope that our experience, our efforts, our mutual energy will be some kind of generator for positive changes in the energy sector and in the civil society».

All the guests felt the atmosphere of friendly dialogue both at the conference and the concert. «Q-Club» really united like-minded people, full of desire for effective cooperation. The concert of New Era Orchestra conducted by Tatiana Kalinichenko added special energy to the celebration. Powerful and refined music by internationally renowned composers gave guests the opportunity to reflect and at the same time to be inspired with joy of Christmas and New Year holidays.

«Q-Club» expresses its appreciation to friends and partners, everyone who contributed to the events and wishes to all new powerful and effective projects on the new stage of «Q-Club» activities.

* For the conference details see «Q-Club» web-site