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Azerbaijan might have key role in diversification of resources for EU — Hungarian ex-official

The EU is concerned about energy security, and Azerbaijan might have a key role in the diversification of the resources and the routes, Levente Kozma, the former Hungarian senior foreign policy adviser (2003—2010),...


EU and Azerbaijan consent to cooperate on South Gas Corridor

Such plans were gotten to in between Head of state of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev and Head of state of the European Council Donald Tusk that is presently on a check out to Baku,...


The defeat of the «Nabucco» urges Washington to new activities in the Caspian Sea

Senate of the United States seriously engaged in the construction of new routes of energy resources from the Caspian Sea region to the EU market. According to the sources of global exploration Geostrategy,...

Trans-Alaska Pipeline - Atigun Pass

Azerbaijan: knock, knock, knocking on Europe's door

While policymakers and pundits debate which pipeline consortium will bring Azeri gas to European markets through the Southern Corridor, they rarely stop to think about what Azerbaijan might want out of the deal...