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10% of the World's Largest Companies Produce 73% of Total Greenhouse Gas Emissions

A new study has found that just 50 corporations are responsible for 73% of the 3.6 billion metric tons of greenhouse gas emitted by the world’s 500 largest companies. Of the carbon-polluting corporations...


European bioenergy outlook 2012

The figures in this report have been compiled for data published in many different documents, presentations at conferences, and information provided by bioenergy experts. This report consists of two main parts. The first...


Energy Sector of the Republic of Lithuania

The Report covers all areas of the energy sector from nuclear energy, shale gas, RES to fossil fuels and analyses how each component part of the Lithuanian energy-mix is likely to develop in...


Global shale oil reserves estimates increased tenfold

Global shale oil reserves estimates increased more than tenfold from 32 billion barrels to 345 billion barrels, reads the report of the US Energy Information Administration – EIA on world shale oil and...


Oil market report. International Energy Agency

Downloads (rus.) — 18 JAN 2013 OMR русс


The CEEP Report

The fifth issue of ‘The CEEP Report’ aimed at supporting top European energy sector top managers, policy-makers and experts. Donwloads — 2013 — CEEP REPORT — JANUARY


Climate impact of potential shale gas production in the EU

As readily accessible oil and gas reserves are becoming progressively limited the energy supply industry is increasingly turning to unconventional reserves which were previously too complex or too expensive to extract. In particular...