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100% electric Model S gets rave reviews

Tesla’s Model S is 100% electric. A real rocket ship, with 416 horsepower, it was born in the mountains near the Silicon Valley. Already a celebrity in California, it is being described as the car of the future and has revolutionised the car-making world.

No more buttons to press, just a swipe on the touchscreen to adjust the settings, including driving options, GPS, temperature and sunroof. It’s a true revolution for potential buyers.

“I am very impressed. It’s very different from any other car I’ve been in. I drive a lot in the city, so I think this would be a good car for that use,” said one enthusiastic motorist.

“The beautiful design, let’s put it this way, would compete with Ferrari or Porsche,” said another.

No combustion engine means no gasoline. The electric rotor produces instantaneous acceleration, and will allow the car to be driven for around 500 kilometres.

The battery is located right beneath the floorboard. It is part of the car itself and is entirely made of aluminum, which means it is very light. The lithium battery is a first in this kind of vehicle. As for charging it, there are two options: owners can either use a high-powered charger that will take just 20 minutes, or a mobile connector adapted to any plug, which will take around five hours.

Some 30,000 Model S vehicles are produced each year. Buying up a Toyota factory during the crisis was a good move by Tesla, which inherited ultra modern manufacturing chains. Apart from the tyres, everything is made in the factory, using 80% aluminium or carbon fibre.

According to Graham Caroll, head of sales at Tesla: “The combustion engine is a dinosaur and I think it is absolutely the right time to introduce a new technology thread.”

But it’s a revolution which comes at a price: Tesla’s Model S will set you back 60,000 euros. However, the company is working on a new electric model due out in a couple of years, which should cost half the price.

Source: «Euronews»