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Fukushima wind farm now fully operational

It is something to smile about in Fukushima, more than two and a half years after the worst nuclear accident since Chernobyl.

Authorities have inaugurated the initial phase of construction of a major wind farm project, off the coast of the Japanese province.

With the first offshore turbine now fully operational, the plan is to add others, eventually producing enough electricity to supply tens of thousands of households.

“Many people were made victims by the accident at the Fukushima nuclear plant,“said Kazuyoshi Akaba, the State Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry. “So it is very meaningful to have a new source of energy – renewable energy – based here at Fukushima. It is the government’s mission to ensure that this project is a success.”

Japan was forced to rethink its energy policy after the nuclear plant at Fukushima was devastated by the earthquake and tsunami in 2011. The Fukushima region now hopes to spearhead the use of clean and sustainable sources like wind farms and solar power.

Source: «Euronews»